Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kasauli Regency recently stopped booking stags, even if the rooms are left vacant. This has something to do with the owner of the hotel, Who is a female and must have had some bad experiences with guys who visit Kasauli only to have drinks and make noise. The hotel, Kasauli Regency is famous for its nightlife and happening evenings on its Rooftop Bar and restaurant Hangout. Couples are always welcome and the atmosphere there is very very nice and friendly. As the owner of the hotel Ms Vanita Dogar narrated,"customers who meet on her Rooftop Bar, next time come together and book the rooms and tell her that after meeting at Hangout they have become friends, and often meet in Delhi as well for parties." This is one of the attractions of this small hotel as cutomers are having fun and dancing with each other become close firends.